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Reflection – What is the Proper Position?


Numerous individuals who are new to reflection are worried about utilizing the right contemplation position, and need to be certain they’re doing it appropriately. This article investigates some basic reflection stances, and assist you with concluding which is best for you.

Above all else, it’s essential to acknowledge is that there’s no single ‘appropriate’ position for contemplating. Reflection is a changed practice – there are a wide range of approaches to ruminate, individuals contemplate for a wide range of reasons, and likewise, there are bunches of various stances you can receive – which can all be extremely compelling. So don’t get hung up on the possibility that you need to locate the ideal situation so as to figure out how to contemplate, in light of the fact that this simply isn’t the situation.

Having said that, how about we investigate probably the most famous contemplation positions.

Famous Meditation Positions


One regular position includes bowing on the floor with the middle staying upstanding. A few people sit behind them, though others sit between them. In the two cases it’s prudent to bow on a cushioned surface, for example, a reflection pad or delicate tangle, to make the position progressively agreeable and simpler on your knees. In case you’re not used to stooping, you may discover this position testing, as may individuals with knee issues.

With folded legs

Sitting leg over leg is another well known situation for ruminating, and it gives a decent method to keep your spine erect (which is significant in numerous reflection styles) without putting a great deal of weight on your joints. Once more, it’s ideal to sit on a pad or other delicate surface.

Sitting On A Chair

Pondering while at the same time sitting upstanding in a seat is a simple situation for the vast majority, and as long as your seat is strong, it’s truly agreeable as well. This is a particularly decent situation for the individuals who find that they will in general nod off on the off chance that they attempt to ruminate while resting.

Lotus and Half Lotus

The lotus position, in which the legs are crossed with the feet tucked facing the sides of the thighs, is likely the most notable reflection position, and has basically gotten interchangeable with contemplation practice. Be that as it may, this is a troublesome situation to accomplish for a great many people, and it absolutely isn’t important to sit in the lotus position so as to ponder adequately.

The half-lotus a variety wherein only one foot is tucked facing the thigh. It is to some degree simpler, and can be a decent situation to embrace on the off chance that you might want to progress in the direction of accomplishing the full lotus position, yet again it’s a bit much.


At long last, numerous individuals decide to ponder while resting on an agreeable surface – this is now and then known as the carcass position. It’s a truly agreeable stance for a great many people, it is my undisputed top choice as well. The primary issue with contemplating while at the same time resting is that it very well may be anything but difficult to nod off, particularly in case you’re drained or not so much used to reflection.

The above positions would all be able to be completed with no unique props (other than a seat or pad), however you can likewise get uncommon contemplation seats which make it simpler for some individuals to keep up an upstanding position and keep the spine straight, without putting a great deal of weight on the joints. So in the event that you get earnestly into contemplation, you should consider attempting a portion of these out, yet you positively don’t need to.

As should be obvious, there are loads of various contemplation stances you can attempt, and we’ve just taken a gander at the fundamental ones here. It’ a smart thought to investigation and see which you like, as opposed to getting also hung up on searching for the ‘great’ position. In all actuality, the best contemplation position is the one that is generally agreeable for you. While reflecting, the exact opposite thing you need is sentiments of uneasiness or agony to be interrupting, so finding an agreeable situation in which you can lose consciousness of your body is the most significant thing.