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Selecting a Safer Whitening Cream for your Skin


Perhaps you have been trying to find a safer skin whitening cream for some time now. You are not alone! These creams have risen into popularity as people find ways for enhancing their skin’s overall look and address skin pigmentation issues. Just like other skincare products, care must be taken as you purchase a whitening cream to avoid skin irritation.

Research shows that ingredients in previous skin lightening products are likely to now come with the risk of cancer, kidney or liver damage and poisoning. Skin whitening creams that have mercury or hydroquinone must be avoided.

Fortunately, these days there are many skin whitening creams made from organic and natural ingredients that work similarly with chemical-based lighteners but much kinder to the skin. Also, natural skin lighteners are often perfect for a range of skin types.

How Skin Whitening Creams Work

These creams are made to inhibit the product of melanin, a pigment produced by the melanocytes located within the skin’s basal layer. The amount of melanin is caused by sun exposure and genetics. This determines how dark or light your skin is. Melanin offers protection to the skin from the UV rays. Typical skin problems related with melanin include facial sun spots, hyperpigmentation, discolored skin patches, scarring and melasma.

The Risks of Chemical Skin Whiteners

Mercury and hydroquinone are used in skin whitening creams since they can inhibit melanin production and cause lightening to the skin. But these chemicals are considered toxic to the body and many countries have banned them. The application of these chemicals to the skin for a long time can cause them to react with the sun’s UV rays and re-oxidise that can result in premature ageing and increased pigmentation.

Safer Skin Whitening Alternatives

There are natural plant-based skin whiteners available that can effectively whiten the skin. These products act in the same way as hydroquinone; however, without serious side effects. An organic skin cream may include any of the following ingredients.

  • Arbutin-This is contained in bearberry extract obtained from bearberry leaves. It is a natural skin lightener which inhibits the action of tyrosinase, an enzyme responsible for the melanin formation in the skin.
  • Kojic acid-This is a famous skin lightener in Japan since the 1990’s. The extract is obtained from a kind of fungi and can be utilized to treat melasma and to bleach age spots and freckles.
  • Liquorice extract– This can prevent UVB-induced skin pigmentation and inhibit the activity of tyrosinase. The extract has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant which soothe and protect the skin.
  • Giga White-This is formulated from 7 Alpine plant extras that include Peppermint, Mallow plant and Primula Veris. Scientists found its effectiveness in whitening, facing and removing dark spots as well as improving uneven skin tone.
  • Vitamin A– This vitamin can repair uneven skin tones. Usually, it is contained in creams made for treating skin complications like hyperpigmentation, vitiligo and melasma.
  • Vitamin C- The vitamin has collage forming properties. It protects the skin cells from free radicals. Vitamin C is effective in preventing skin ageing.

Author Bio:- Kalpana Rajagopalan used to have a serious skin problem himself.  He discovered the use of organic skin cream as his ultimate skin solution.